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Trenchless Sewer Replacements

sewer access

Sewer Access

 Trenchless Sewer Replacement


Using two incisions in the ground, an HDPR pipe is pulled into the broken sewer line channel behind a pipe buster machine that busts up the old pipe, making room for the new one. Once the new line is in place. it is reatttached to the healthy sewer line segments through the incisions at the start and finish of the damaged sewer area.


Advantages of a Trenchless Sewer Replacement

The advantages of a trenchless sewer replacment include:

  1. By using only two incisions in the ground, the contractors avoid destruction of above ground structures. This is useful when the sector of damaged pipe runs under a building, expensive patio or driveway, that would otherwise have to be torn down
  2. The replacement HDPR pipe is considered even more durable than PVC pipes installed in trench sewer replacements, and  usually come with a lifetime guarantee against damage from root invasion.


1st Choice Plumbing Inc.

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