Baltimore Tub Repair and Installation

Our Baltimore Tub Repair and Replacement Services,

1st Choice Plumbing can assist you with your Baltimore tub installation and repair projects. If the bathtub work is part of a larger remodeling assignment, we will readily work with the remodeling contractors, to coordinate the plumbing part of the task with the overall remodeling plans. We install bathtub accessories, surrounds, shower/tub doors and more. Call us at 410-967-6547 for a free Baltimore tub installation or repair estimate.

On all jobs 1st Choice Plumbing Inc. will provide all parts and labor as well as a free estimate, and warranty on new bathtubs. Along with the bathtub, we install tub surrounds, faucets, shower rods, surrounding wallboard, trim and molding, safety seats and handles, soap dishes and more. Contact our office at 410-967-6547 for ore information.

Tub Repair

We repair or replace cracked and leaky tubs, broken bathroom tiles, malfunctioning bathtub drains, and more. Call us at 410-967-6547 for questions about tub repair.

Why Install a Bathtub

With more and more concern about water conservation, bathtubs have fallen out of favor and showers have become more popular. But tubs have a unique charm and usefulness.

  • Relaxing in an inviting tub of warm water after a backbreaking day of work is a delight that showers can’t completely match.
  • People who enjoy baths but want to conserve water at the same time can do so by purchasing a slightly smaller tub.
  • Small bathtubs are the best choice for parents of young children who want to provide a safe bathing environment for their tender offspring.

If you are seriously considering bathtub installation or are in need of bathtub repairs, call our office today at 410-967-6547

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