Drain Clog Prevention Baltimore


Drain Clog Prevention Baltimore

The best time to stop clogs is before they form. Here are our clog prevention ideas for each of the different drains in your home. To order professional drain cleaning help, call our office at 410-967-6547.

Bathroom Clogs

(Gooey globs of hair mixed with soap scum )

  • Install wire mesh in sink, shower, and tub drains and clean them regularly.
  • Clean and inspect rubber stoppers regularly.
  • Clean pop-up stoppers periodically being sure to remove all the gooey hair soap scum.
  • Periodically half fill your tub and then drain the water all at once.
  • Periodically pour hot water down the bathroom drains.

Toilet Drain Clogs

(Inappropriate paper products, and objects children thrown into the toilet)

  • Do not flush any paper products other than toilet paper down the toilet.
  • Keep kid’s toys out of the bathroom (except at bath time) and keep toilet lids shut at all times. (Children often thrown toys into the toilet and then flush them down the drain.)

Kitchen Drain Clogs

(Grease and certain foodstuffs)

  • Throw foodstuffs that absorb water (coffee grounds, rice, bread) into the trash and not down the drain.
  • Pour hot grease into a used coffee can or milk carton, and throw in the trash after solidification.
  • Run hot water down the drain immediately after cleaning greasy pots, pans, and plates.

Disposal Clogs

  • Read the manual to learn which foods can and can’t be thrown down the disposal.
  • Pack foods loosely when adding them to the disposal.
  • Run cold water during and one minute after using the disposal to prevent foods from getting caught in the disposal and upper drain.
  • Keep the disposal capped when not in use to prevent inappropriate kitchen objects from falling into it.

Outdoor Sewer Lines

  • Put grates on outdoor drains to prevent leaves from entering the sewer line
  • Call us at 410-967-6547 to order periodic cleaning and video inspection of your outdoor sewer line for early detection and prevention of root incursions.
  • If roots enter your sewer order our sewer root maintenance services.

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