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We are experts in the installation and repair of combi-boilers. Combi-boilers save energy and space by combining the functions of a boiler and water heater into one unit. When boilers and water heaters are installed separately in a home, each appliance must have its own energy source to heat up water. With a combined unit, however, the water in the water heater draws its heat from the water in the boiler and only one heating element is required for the two functions. This results in reduced energy and maintenance costs. Combing the two units into one also frees up space in the home for other uses.

How a Combi-Boiler Works

Combi-boilers employ a highly efficient energy heat exchanger, which allows warmth from water in the boiler to transfer rapidly and nearly completely to water in the water heater. The sequence of events occurs as follows. When someone in the home turns on the faucet, hot water flows out of the water heater tank. The loss of water causes cold water from the water main to flow into the heater. The cold water flows past the energy exchanger and at the same time triggers a pedal that causes hot water from the boiler to start flowing past the other side of the heat exchanger. The heat passes through the exchanger instantly warming the water heater water as it flows by. The two systems remain separate throughout the transfer so that tap water doesn’t flow into the boiler, and boiler water is never used as drinking water. The heat exchange takes place so rapidly that a normal combi-boiler with a 35 gallon storage tank can supply as much hot water to the home as a regular water heater using a 100 gallon tank.

Is a Combi-Boiler Right for My Home?

If you already have a water heater and a boiler and need to replace one of the units than a combi-boiler might be perfect for you. If you own a boiler and your water heater is more than 10 years old, you should also consider converting to a combi-boiler. If for any other reason you would like central steam heating plus the energy saving efficiency of a combi-boiler than call us at 410-967-6547 and a plumber will be happy to discuss your options with you.

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