Faucet Installation and Repair


Professional Baltimore Faucet Installation and Repair

Our expert plumbers can help you install any type of faucet. Whether you need a compression, ball, cartridge, or disc faucet we can assist you. We can also help you choose a faucet that has all the features you want and works well with your sink and counter-top setup.

We offer routine and emergency faucet repair for all four types of faucets: compression, ball, disc, and cartridge. Our plumbers come prepared with all the parts and equipment needed for the job, and your leaky faucet will be fixed in no time. For routine or emergency Baltimore faucet repair call us at (410) 967-6547. Call us at 410-967-6547 for more information

Baltimore Faucet Installation

Amateur faucet installations often result in leaky faucets. To ensure that your faucet is leak proof, use a professional faucet installer. Get all the benefits of expert Baltimore faucet installation:

  • Get our free faucet installation estimate, which will allow you to compare prices and know the cost of your faucet installation ahead of time
  • Tap into our plumbers’ knowledge about types of faucets and select the one thats right for you

Useful Information to Help You Select the Best Faucet

Please talk with our on duty plumber about your faucet selection. Here are some ideas you might want to discuss with him.

Types of Faucets

You can’t see the inner workings of your faucets but there are four different ways in which faucets open and close the water flow.

  1. Compression Faucets
  2. Ball Type Faucets
  3. Cartridge Faucets
  4. Disc Faucets

Discusss the advantages and disadvantages of each type with your plumber.

Types of Faucet Material

Most kitchen faucets are treated with a PVD (physical vapor disposition) , that makes them scratch resistant. Among non PVD treated metals, chrome and nickel are popular selections.

Faucet Form and Functionality

  • One handed faucets – You control water flow and temperature with one hand. This faucet provides optimal convenience.
  • Dual-handled Faucet – This faucet has separate handles for hot and cold water; it’a an excellent choice if you prefer this style
  • Pull-out Spray – This style can be purchased alone or as an add on and allows you to clean pots that won’t fit into the sink or apply water with force from different angles on dishes inside the basin.
  • Hands-free Go modern and get the same electronically controlled hands free faucet yoiu’ve seen in public washrooms. This style saves water by shutting off when not in use and prevents germ transmission
  • Wall-mounted A wall mounted sink can look very elegant. Our expert staff will make sure your new faucet lines up accurately with the sink.

Additional Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Faucet

  • Reach – Make sure your faucet can swivel around and deliver water to the the full bredth of the sink.
  • Basin to Spout Height – Make sure you can fit your pots under the faucet spout.
  • Style – Pick a style that fits in with your kitchen decor.

Our knowledgeable plumbers are waiting to talk with you and answer your faucet selection and installation questions. Call us at 410-967-6547 today.

Baltimore Faucet Repair

Choose Professional Faucet Repair: All too often, amateur faucet repairs result in leaky faucets. Unexpected problems can arise during the repair such as a disintegrated washer, two parts that refuse to separate, or new parts that are difficult to locate. At times like these, you will be glad you ordered professional Baltimore faucet repair. A pro 1st Choice Plumbing plumber brings years of training and experience with him that gives him the know how to tackle the most difficult faucet repair jobs.

To request routine or emergency faucet repair call our office at (410) 967-6547

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