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Water efficient shower-heads Baltimore1st Choice Plumbing will help you select and install the low flow shower-head of your choice, in the Greater Baltimore area. Our plumber will determine if your current shower-head meets EPA requirements and if not we will replace it. With modern alternatives on the market you can reduce shower water usage while still maintaining water pressure and enjoying the same quality shower as before. Shower-heads that we install bear the EPA WaterSense seal, which means they have been quality tested by a third party and proven to save you money while maintaining  consumer verified high level shower experience. Call 410-967-6547 for more information.
Shower-head Options:

Choosing a WaterSense Approved Shower Head

WaterSense ShowerHead LabelWhen selecting a shower-head made by a company that partners with EPA WaterSense, you can still choose from the following options:

  • Aerated Shower-heads: This head maintains pressure while reducing flow by mixing air into the water outflow. The result is a soft enjoyable spray. Because the PSI pressure remains high at 80 psi, consumer testing repeatedly shows that users experience no loss of comfort compared to previous high flow nozzles.
  • Non-aerated Laminar Flow Shower-heads: This head maintains pressure by reducing the diameter of the nozzle openings. The flow has a pulsating quality which gives users the sense of having a massage. Because no air is mixed into the flow, the water maintains its original temperature. These shower heads are good for humid climates because they produce less steam and moisture.

Additional Water Head Options Include:

  1. Single-function shower-heads: For second bathrooms, no need for changing flow pressure or pattern
  2. Multifunctional shower-heads: two or three spray setting alternatives
  3. Filtered: remove chlorine, other chemicals, reduce hard water staining
  4. Rainfall nozzles: The water flow stimulates a gentle spring rain. Rainfall nozzles may come with
    • Modulating pressure and patterns
    • Angled nozzles
    • Shower arms to provide additional height, and
    • Music speakers that create a relaxing ambiance during the shower.

    Save Energy and Money With a Water Saving Shower Nozzle

Energy saving shower headBy cutting down on your shower water flow, by as much as half, you similarly reduce the amount of water that must be heated up to create a hot water.  This can amount to a savings as much as half of the cost of heating your shower water.

For more information and to ask about additional options, call us at 410-967-6547

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