Pipe Repair Baltimore

Pipe Repair Baltimore; Frozen Pipe Repair Services


We offer emergency pipe repair service in Baltimore. We fix broken pipes, burst, or frozen pipes. We patch leaks, replace individual pipe segments, and can replace all the pipes in your home (re-piping) if needed. Call us at 410-967-6547 to arrange for our expert pipe repair assistance.

Note:¬† Immediate repair of leaking plumbing pipes will save your home from rotting wood, serious mold problems, termites, a rising water bill, and ultimately a depreciation in your dwelling’s insured value!. Call us at 410-967-6547 for Baltimore¬† burst pipe repair or leaky pipe repair.

Burst Frozen Pipes

Unexpected Arctic winters are taking their toll on residential and commercial plumbing pipes in the Baltimore area. Signs of a frozen pipe include reduced and absent flow at the tap. If this happens to you during cold weather, immediately open all your taps and turn on the hot water. This will protect your pipes from further freezing. Then call the 1st Choice Plumbing Baltimore burst pipe plumbing professionals at, 410-967-6547 Important: Some burst frozen pipes won’t start leaking until after the thaw.

Pin Hole Leaks Baltimore

Over time copper plumbing pipes may corrode and develop tiny leaks. Signs of a pin hole leak include the following:

  • Appearance of color changes on exposed pipes (bluish green = signs of corrosion),
  • Increased water bill,
  • Signs of water leak appearing on the walls,
  • Appearance of termites and or mold in the home

I Have Signs of a Pin Hole Leak

Contact 1st Choice Plumbing Inc. right away if you live in the Greater Baltimore area and believe you have a pin hole leak. Our expert Baltimore pipe repair professionals will come to your home and diagnose the problem. If needed, we will remove part of a wall, ceiling, or floor to expose the pipe. You can expect one of three outcomes:

  • Small solitary pipe leak – We will solder the leak.
  • Small leak within a weakened pipe segment – Our staff will replace the pipe segment to prevent future pipe leaks in the same area.
  • Recurring leaks or other indications that the corrosion is generalized – We will replace all the plumbing pipes in your home (repiping ) with plastic polyvinyl (PVC) corrosion resistant pipes.


If you and your plumbing company decide you will need to install all new pipes, check out our Pipe Installation and Repiping page for helpful information.
If you have any questions about pipe leaks or broken pipe repair, call our office at 410-967-6547.

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