Boiler Repair Baltimore


Boiler Repair to Baltimore

1st Choice Plumbing Inc. brings years of expertise and experience to Baltimore boiler repair, maintenance and installation. We have a proven track record of excellence with regular boilers, combi-boliers, and indirect heaters. Call us at 410-967-5447 to order service or get a free boiler repair estimate.

The boiler is the heart of the home’s plumbing heating system providing hot water or steam that heats up every room of the house. Many modern boilers can share some of the heat they generate with the water heating apparatus, providing new energy efficient sources of usable hot water. We offer:

  • Boiler installation
  • Boiler maintenance
  • Boiler Repair

Call and ask about our special maintenance package which will insure your boiler’s efficient performance throughout the year.

Heating System Services

We service hot water and steam home heating systems. Our services include

  • Hot water and steam pipe repair and installation
  • Radiator repair and installation
  • Baseboard heat repair and installation

Whether to Repair or Replace Your Boiler

This is a complicated problem which you should discuss with your plumber. Alan Urszuy, the Director of 1st Choice Plumbing, has years of plumbing experience repairing and replacing boilers and he will be happy to talk with you. When deciding whether to repair or scrap your old unit, here are some guidelines you should consider.

  • Warranty – If your unit is still under buyer’s warranty the annual repair and warranty costs may be as little as 20% of the cost of repairing a unit without a warranty.
  • Energy Efficiency –  If your  boiler is not a condensing boiler, it may be 10%-20% less energy efficient than a newer condensing boiler. This can amount to a savings of $200 or more on your annual energy bill.
  •  Cost of Repair, Parts, and Labor – As units age, repair costs increase and finding parts and labor is more difficult. Finding a technician willing to repair your older unit at a reasonable cost is an important reason for chooing repair over replacement.
  • Specific Indicators for Replacement
    • If the cost of repair is trending higher and higher due to more frequent and more costly repairs,
    • If the boiler has been troublesome all along (Sometimes this results from improper installation, inadequate annual maintenance, or improper use.),
    • If the boiler is repeatedly developing leaks,
    • If water is leaking from the heat exchanger,
    • If water has gotten into your boiler,

Indicators for boiler replacement are not limited to the above reasons and for more information you should contact your plumber. If you are located in the Baltimore area, call our office at 410-967-6547

Energy Efficient Boilers

When selecting a new boiler consider purchasing an Energy Star energy efficient rated boiler. Compared to regular boilers that meet minimal government standards, Energy Star boilers can reduce monthly energy expenditures by as much as 13%-19%, thereby paying off the extra expenditures in months to a few short years. Read about the 2014 most energy efficient boilers

Common Boiler Problems

  • Pressure loss – due to leaks or problem with the pressure release valve, This boiler has trouble providing adequate heat
  • Thermostat problem – Poor heating is caused by inappropriate boiler activation
  • Corroded and blocked pipework – The boiler is working well, but some rooms aren’t being heated adequately
  • Incorrectly sized boiler – The boiler works properly, but still isn’t providing enough heat to the home because it’s too small.

Types of Boilers

In addition to energy efficient boilers there are special types of boiler heater combinations called either Combi-Boilers or indirect water heaters. Visit their pages to learn more about them.