Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing

We Undertake All Baltimore Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing Jobs

We are experts in all aspects of kitchen and bathroom plumbing. We repair and install plumbing fixtures, repair leaks, and work with contractors and remodelers to make sure the plumbing part of the contract is completed up to specs. We are frequently called in to consult on tough remodeling projects, and never quit until the client is satisfied. For assistance on any Baltimore bathroom or kitchen plumbing project call our office at 410-967-6547

Repairing and Maintaining Appliances

Alan is equally deft in fixing previously installed plumbing fixtures including faucet repair, pipe repair, sink repair, tub repair, shower repair, and toilet repair. Call 410-967-6547 to request services.

Our Bathroom and Plumbing Services Include

  1. Installation maintenance and repair of plumbing fixtures
  2. Plumbing remodeling and subcontracting
  3. Assistance with purchasing and installing low flush toilets that comply with state regulations
  4. Assistance in purchasing and installing low flow shower heads
  5. Cleaning and unclogging drains: (sink drains, shower drains, tub drains, and toilet drains)

Read more about our tub and shower plumbing services.

Learn about our Toilet Unclogging and Repair Services

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