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Baltimore Toilet Replacement Services

Need to replace a toilet in Baltimore? We are experienced Baltimore plumbers with expertise in toilet replacement. We can also help you select a toilet that’s right for your needs and for bathroom’s dimensions. Call us today at 410-967-6547 to ask for our Baltimore toilet replacement assistance.

Tips For Our Customers Who Want to  Install a Toilet

If you need to buy a new toilet consider the following ideas.

  1. Know Your Rough in Distance The rough in distance is the distance from the finished wall to the center of the sewer drain. In most home this is 12″ and most toilets are made to fit in this space. If your rough in distance is 10″ or 14″, purchase a model made for that space.
  2. Toilet Bowl Shapes If you have a large bathroom, you can purchase an elongated toilet bowl. These take up more room (not a problem for you), but are more comfortable. If you have a small bathroom, consider purchasing a space saving round toilet bowl.
  3. Toilet Height Standard heights for toilet bowls are 14″ and 15″. However, 16″ and 17″ tall toilets are growing in popularity. They make sitting down and standing up easier. They are comfortable for tall people and for handicapped people. And now they are beginning to be considered the “universal design,” because they make bathrooms accessible for all.
  4. Toilet Design
    • Two Piece Toilets The tank sits on top of the bowl. These are generally more economical, and easier for finding replacement parts.
    • One Piece Toilets Constructed with an inbuilt tank and bowl, the unit will require an additional upfront investment, but is seamless, and thereby easier to clean.
    • Wall Mounted Toilets These units create a unique modern look in the bathroom, and make cleaning underneath and around them much easier. Installation may require an additional investment as they can only be installed on strong walls. Also, maintenance may necessitate reopening part of the wall.
  5. Water saving toiletsWhile all states require that newly installed toilets flush the bowl using no more than 1.6 gallons, there are even newer toilets on the market that can clear the bowl using less water, which translates to a saving of several thousand dollars over the life of the toilet. Dual flush toilets use as little as .8 gallons of water when flushing liquid substances, high efficiency toilets can flush the bowl using only 1.28 gallons, and ultra-high efficiency toilets currently offer toilets that flush using less than a gallon of water. Check out our water saving toilet page for more information.
  6. Luxury Toilet Features If you are interested in spending money to insure greater bathroom comfort, consider adding one or more of these comfort features. Options include toilets with seat warmers, bidets that automatically clean the user with warm jets of water, self closing and automatic flushing toilets that minimize hand contamination.

Tips for Correct Toilet Installation

You or your plumber must be certain to follow these steps to ensure a sucessful toilet installation.

  • Toilet Size Make sure the dimensions of the toilet you are installing matches your “rough in distance.”(see above)
  • Make sure that the tile in the bathroom lays evenly and that it goes right up to the base of the phalange, so that the toilet phalange sits flush against the floor. If this is not the case, your plumber must take steps to correct the problem.
  • Make sure the phalange is attached firmly to the floor so it will not move against upward pressure.
  • make sure your toilet sits evenly in the horizontal direction. If the toilet is not even, your plumber should insert tiny pieces of wood under the phalange until it levels out.

For further assistance in installing your toilet, call our office at 410-967-6547. We are experts in Baltimore toilet installation and replacement.

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