Sewer Cleaning Baltimore


Sewer Cleaning Baltimore

We are experienced Baltimore sewer cleaning plumbers. If your sewer is causing a sewage backup in your home, we do everything we can to unclog it and avoid an unnecessary sewer replacement. Our work may include periodic sewer root cleaning and removing foreign objects. If you hire us to fix a plumbing problem that we believe is related to the sewer, we will perform a free sewer video inspection, a savings of $350 dollars.

When Do You Need Outdoor Sewer Cleaning?

Signs that you need outdoor sewer cleaning include

  1. Sinks and toilets that begin draining slowly
  2. Backup of sewage into the sink or toilet when you use the sink or flush the toilet
  3. Frank backup of sewage onto the floor. In extreme cases, sewage may come out of a basement sink or shower drain when you flush the toilet, or use the shower.

Getting your Sewer Cleaned

The best time to get your outdoor sewer cleaned is at the first sign of trouble. Sewer blockage is frequently caused by tree roots. The longer you wait the bigger the roots will grow. Furthermore, if left long enough, tree roots that penetrated sewer lines as tiny shoots will thicken and cause damage to the walls of the sewer. If the damage becomes serious enough to threaten the patency of the sewer line then no amount of sewer cleaning will save the homeowner from having to pay for a sewer repair or replacement.


Most plumbing companies start sewer cleaning with a thorough video inspection followed by the cleaning. Experienced plumbers may skip the video inspection and just begin the cleaning. The cleaning may be done by a powerful water jetter which cuts through tree roots and other obstructions with a powerful burst of high pressured water, or most often by a special electric plumbing auger that cuts through roots and debris with a tiny electric powered blade that sits at the head of the auger and cuts through everything in its path. After the cleaning, the plumber may flush the sewer by running the dishwasher for a long time.


Will Sewer Cleaning Solve the Problem

Whether or not sewer cleaning can solve the problem usually depends on the type of obstruction and or the extent of the blockage. Plumbers with video cameras usually set limits at 90%. If the sewer cleaning got more than 90% of the roots and other obstructing material, then the sewer has been saved. If the plumber could only remove less than 90% of the blockage, the sewer will have to be replaced. Assuming the sewer cleaning did clear the drainage system, a more practical test of whether the sewer needs to be replaced is how long the itr will stay open. In best case scenarios, a sewer can remain patent for two years or more after a drain cleaning. In the worst case scenario the drain will be blocked again in a couple of days. Many plumbing companies offer root cleaning maintenance for sewers that need cleaning every four months. Between visits, homeowners are instructed to flush the sewer with root poisoning. When the cost of continually cleaning the sewer becomes impractical then sewer replacement is advisable.

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