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Comprehensive Baltimore Sewer Repair

We offer quality Baltimore sewer repair services,backed up by years of experience. We video inspect and clean clogged sewers. We clear up root infiltrated pipes and offer one time or periodic root cutting and removal services, and we offer complete sewer replacement services. Call our office at 410-867-6547 for assistance.

Baltimore Sewer Cleaning Services

If your sewer is backed up and not draining fast enough, we can help. Call for our up to date sewer cleaning help including video inspection, snaking with an electric auger, and periodic root prevention maintenance. Visit this page for more information on our Baltimore blocked sewer services.

Baltimore Sewer Replacement Contracting Services

If your sewer is broken up due to root invasion or other soil condition and can’t be fixed, we can help you put in a new line with our comprehensive sewer contracting services. We have years of experience in sewer installation and replacement, we hire the subcontractors, and take care of all aspects of the installation. Call our office at 410-967-6547 for more information. Visit this page to read more about our sewer trench replacement services.

Baltimore Sewer Insurance

Repairing your sewer can be costly. According to one home insurance company, the average cost of sewer replacement in Baltimore is $3,697. You can protect yourself from an unexpected sewer repair bill by purchasing sewer repair insurance. HomeServe, a Connecticut insurance company, is currently offering sewer repair insurance to Baltimore residents. We have done work for them and unlike some insurance companies that look for reasons not to pay, HomeServe makes quick and full payment to their providers. If you live in a home with an older sewer line or if you have moved to a preexisting home and are unsure of the condition of its sewer and water line, it makes sense for you to purchase sewer repair insurance.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

If your sewer is stopped up with roots, and or the walls are starting to break apart, and your plumber believes that sewer maintenance and cleaning won’t solve the issue then you will have to repair or replace your old sewer. In certain circumstance, trenchless sewer repair allows you to fix the line by inserting a fiberglass lining into the broken segment and gluing it with epoxy resin to the inner wall of the tube.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Trenchless Sewer Repair

Once your plumber has informed you that something must be done about your sewer, you have three alternatives:

1) Trenchless sewer repair,

2) Trenchless sewer replacement, and

3) Trench sewer replacement,
Check out our article below, for help in making a decision.

Does it Make Sense to Get a Trenchless Sewer Repair?

When you need to repair or replace your sewer, you might want to order a trenchless repair and avoid that big gash in your yard and the big fee that goes with it. Just two incisions into the earth, one at the start and one at the finish of the broken segment, and the plumbing company will pull a fiberglass tube through the existing line and glue it to the inside wall, creating, in effect, a strong new patent sewer. The trenchless job intuitively seems like it will cost less, as it involves less digging. œ”You don’t have to tear up your lawn, flower bed, etc,” seems like a winner,” you’re thinking.
Truthfully there are times when a trenchless sewer repair or replacement will save money. However, sometimes it’s actually more expensive than a trench replacement. While the trenchless repair saves digging, it requires a number of time consuming and costly procedures including three video inspections of the sewer line, mixing and applying glue to the fiberglass tube, inverting and inserting the tube the length of the faulty sewer line, pressing the new tube against the inside of the old sewer line, and waiting for it to set. The trenchless replacement includes an initial video inspection, the pipe buster procedure combined with pulling through the new line, and a final video inspection. If you compare the cost of the trenchless repair with the price of digging the trench for the same sewer segment, you’ll find that the trenchless job ends up costing 30%-50% more.
What am I missing, you ask, why are trenchless repairs and replacements so in demand then. The answer is that when digging a trench for a sewer repair requires tearing up an expensive above ground structure, the total cost of the job will includes the cost of repairing the above ground structure that was destroyed. If the final above ground repairs will run 30-50% more than the outlay for digging the trench then a trenchless repair begins to make financial sense. To get a precise comparison of the cost you need to get estimates for both types of jobs from the companies willing to do them.

When you are considering the options, several concerns bear special attention. First off some plumbers paint a picture of how a trench replacement will tear up your property. Not true. During the excavation, the team will gently remove your sod at the beginning of the dig and carefully put it back at the end. With a good company, you will hardly notice the difference between your lawn before and after. Another misconception is the belief that an obstruction like a tree or protruding patio sitting above the broken sewer line necessitates doing a trenchless repair or replacement. Plumbing companies can often excavate around obstructions, if they are not too large, and complete the trench without having to pay for above ground repair.

Nevertheless if a sewer runs under a dwelling, large fixed structure, or expensive item such as a driveway or costly patio, it probably makes sense to opt for a trenchless job. Above ground repair, in these instances, would often cost much more than 30%-50% of the cost of digging the trench.

Before completing your deliberation, examine the type of guarantee that will come with each job. Trenchless repairs put down a tube that is usually guaranteed 10-50 years against root invasion. On the other hand, trench repairs lay down PVC pipe and often come with a lifetime guarantee against root invasion. The contrast of 10 years versus life is a great difference when considering which type of repair to order. On the other hand, a pipe buster trenchless replacement offers a lifetime guarantee on the new HDPR pipe that they pull into place, which is equal to or superior to the PVC pipe.

There are other considerations to keep in mind when making your decision, such as the possibility of water pooling in the pipe, which need be taken into account when considering a trenchless repair. To find out more about these problems you should talk with your plumber. Thorough informed deliberation about this decision will ensure that you are happy with the final outcome. Trench replacements and trenchless repairs or replacements will all bring great results and either type of procedure will ensure you years of good sewer drainage.

Read this article for more information about the pros and cons of a trench versus trenchless sewer repair.

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