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Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Using trenchless incisions, an HDPR pipe is pulled into the sewer line behind a pipe buster machine that busts up the old pipe, making room for the new one.

Trench Sewer Replacement

Using modern heavy duty equipment, we dig a trench over the existing sewer segment to be replaced, which reaches down to the existing pipe.
When we undertake the replacement, we take care of all aspects of the procedure. We bring the men and the heavy duty equipment. We take care of replacing the dirt and grass sod after the job is completed, and we take care of the repair of any structures that sit above the trench.

When Is It Time to Replace Your Sewer?

Below are general guidelines for determining when it is time to replace your sewer.

  • If you require more frequent sewer root maintenance and the cost is increasing to where it makes more financial sense to replace the sewer then you need a sewer replacement.
  • If you just got your sewer cleaned and it is clogged again within several days then you probably need a sewer replacement.
  • If video inspection reveals that roots have destroyed the patency of your sewer than you need a sewer replacement.
  • If you have a Terra Cotta (clay) sewer line that has started to crumble it makes sense to get a sewer replacement.

Should I Go For a Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Trenchless sewer replacements sound very appealing and at first glance may seem easy on the pocketbook. Sometimes they are money savers; however, it is important to look into the details, as many times a regular uncomplicated sewer replacement is less expensive than a trenchless repair. Here are some criteria that can help you make the best decision.

    1. For the same distance of sewer line, a trenchless repair will cost 30-50% more than the cost of digging a trench
    2. The cost of a trench repair increases if the trench will be going underneath structures such as a patio or driveway that will need to be repaired. The repair cost needs to be added onto the final bill of the trench repair
    3. Putting the first two criteria together, a trench repair starts saving money when the repair of structures over the trench run 30-50% or more of the cost of digging the trench
    4. 30-50% is a general estimate. The best policy, if in doubt, is to get an estimate for both a trench and trenchless repair.
    5. Often it is possible to dig a trench around structures that sit under the sewer line being replaced. This can save money and make a trench sewer replacement less expensive.
    6. It is always important to consult with us about the project
    7. If a sewer line that needs replacement runs under your house or a garage or other expensive fixed structure then trenchless repair may be the way to go. We will tell you if this is the case


Advantages of a Trench Versus Trenchless Repair

Advantages of the Trench Repair


  • The sewer is replaced with a sturdy PVC pipe, which is frequently guaranteed for the life of the pipe against root invasion.
  • A trenchless repair inserts a fiberglass tube, which is guaranteed anywhere from 10-50 years against root invasion, which is less than the guarantee for a trench repair
  • An uncomplicated trench repair may run 20 -25% less than a trenchless repair, for the same length of pipe.


Advantages of the Trenchless Repair

  • Only two holes need be dug, one at the beginning and one at the end of the sewer segment being replaced, saving wear and tear on structures the sewer segment being replaced.
  • If a pipe buster trenchless rep;acement is used, then the new pipe will be a HDPE pipe, which rivals and sometimes surpasses the PVC pipe in durability and therefore longevity.
  • If the sewer being replaced runs under a house or other fixed structure, a trenchless repair is sometimes the only convenient way to replace the old sewer line

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