Shower Repair and Installation

Shower Repairs

The staff of 1st Choice Plumbing Inc. is familiar with all types of shower repairs including the following:

    • Leaking shower – These are often caused by cracked grout and sealant
    • Leaking or dripping shower faucet repair – We will either repair or replace the leaking faucet
    • Shower panel repair – We will reattach and reattach and tighten the panel
    • Dropping pressure in shower when toilet flushes – This may require re-piping but can be temporarily solved by turning the toilet water intake valve partially off during showers
    • Shower drain odor repair – This may require drain cleaning, flushing out water backed up under the tub or occasionally cleaning out water. Read about diagnosing a shower drain problem here
    • Shower drain backup, We will try local drain cleaning, video inspection as needed, plumbing auger services, and if needed, inspect for a backup further down in the piping or in the outdoor sewer
    • Shower tile repair- we will assist with bathroom makeover and remodeling projects as needed to insure your bathroom is leak free
    • Bathroom drywall repair – If the leak is coming from the piping within your bathroom walls, we will open up the walls and them arrange for a complete drywall repair
    • Shower diverter valve repair ,The diverter valve diverts water to the tub or the shower and is more often seen in older showers

Shower Installation

Purchasing or replacing a shower offers the homeowner the opportunity to take advantage of the latest developments in shower technology, which will provide members of the household with comfortable and enjoyable showers. Your 1st Choice Plumbing technician is ready to assist you in selecting a shower that will meet your households needs and provide you with total shower satisfaction.

Types of Showers

      • Overhead showers. These are rounded traditional shower heads. They may also be oval, square, rectangular, even apple shaped; they are generally small in size.
      • Rain Showers (Overhead panels)– These are large square panels, which frequently have 52 or more tiny nozzles grouped in four square areas on the panel. They deliver water to a wide area, and more expensive models have the option to deliver a variety of jet types ranging from light rain, to invigorating jets to targeted massage
      • Hand showers – Hand held showers that often offer adjustable jets, come in multiple designs and sizes.
      • Bathroom shower systems combine overhead panels with hand held jets
      • Special shower features – Many well known brands offer amazing new features including computer controlled pressure and temperature, chromotherapy – computer control, LED lighting in the overhead panel, with computer adjusted light shows

Types of shower containers

      • Showers may sit on top of tubs
      • Showers may sit in a glass or plastic water proof stall
      • Showers may be ringed by water proof shower curtains
      • Showers may be attached in “wet areas” of the home, which are dedicated shower areas without surrounding curtains or stall

Shower Faucet Types

  • Shower faucets may be one armed levers that allow adjustment of both temperature and volume of water
  • Showers may use the tub faucets with an additional diverter valve that allows the bather to select if the water will go to the tub or shower
  • Modern showers use various types of faucets including computerized button control of jet type

Low Flow Showeheads

You can save lots of money without sacrificing shower quality by installing a low flow showerhead. Read all about it on our Low Flow Showerheads page

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