Sink Repair and Sink Replacement

Ethical Sink Replacement

When you get a sink replacement from 1st Choice Plumbing Inc. , these are  important steps we take to make sure the job will be done professionally and with optimal results.

  1. We determine what type of countertop you have before helping you purchase a new sink. (Drop in or countertop sinks can be used on composite laminate countertops, whereas under mount sinks can only be installed on solid surface sinks  such as granite or marble.
  2. (Should you want a deeper sink) We check the size of your tail piece under the sink to determine how much room you have for more depth. If needed, we can lower the waste arm.
  3. We measure your countertop’s opening to make sure the new sink will cover the opening.
  4. (If you have laminate countertops) we carefully check for existing water damage. If there is too much swelling, crumbling, or areas too soggy to support sink clips we will recommend replacing the countertop before installing a new sink
  5. We use silicone caulk for all our seals. (Old fashion plumbers putty will dry and crack over time, and can even damage plastic sink parts.
  6. We painstakingly remove old caulk using a four step process: 1) scraping with a putty knife, 2) dissolving with caulk remover, 3) Cleaning with mineral spirits 4) Cleaning with a sponge and water.
  7. We purge your old waterlines of sediment before attaching them to the new faucets.
  8. We match up the number of holes in your new sink with the number of holes you will need for your faucet assembly and accessories (sprayer, soap dispenser). Best is to buy a sink with the exact number of holes your need, although we can also drill additional holes and or plug up extra holes.
  9. We do not reuse old parts , (unless requested by the customer),   but purchase an entirely new entirely new drain assembly for the job.
  10. We check your shut off valve and replace leaky valves before starting the replacement.

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