Sump Pump Installation and Repair

sump pump installation and repair

Wayne Sump Pumps

1st Choice Plumbing installs and repairs basement sump pumps in Baltimore. Sump pumps have different capacities and pumping strength. Our experienced plumbers will access your specific needs and recommend the make and model that is perfect for your home and budget. We also install battery operated backup sump pumps, so that even if rising waters knock out your electricity, your home will be protected.

Sump Pump Selection Essentials

When purchasing your primary sump pump you have two possibilities – above ground or below ground. An above ground (pedestal pump) is easy to access if you need to repair it. A submersible sump pump, sits in the sump pit, makes less noise and is less obtrusive.

Selecting a Sump Pump with Adequate Power

It is important to purchase a sump pump with adequate power (gallons per minute pumping potential) to keep the basement dry under the worse flood conditions, i.e. a very heavy rain. To size your pump (calculate the needed power) you need to know how many gallons of water will flow into your basement under the worst case scenario, that’s the “system capacity.” Then you have to know how far the pump must transport the water in the discharge tube, correcting for bends, height rise, and pipe resistance. This figure is called the “total dynamic head.” Visit this web site for instructions on making the exact system capacity and dynamic head calculations . Once you’ve made your calculations you can check the specs chart for any sump pump you want. If you prefer, 1st Choice Plumbing will do the calculations for you and recommend a pump with the proper strength for your home.

Back up Sump Pumps

For total basement protection purchase a backup sump pump. Backup pumps switch on and supply additional pumping when the main pump stops working due to a power failure or some other reason. When a major storm and flooding strike a community, the basement sump pump takes a double hit. Rising water rapidly seeps into the basement. At the same time, powerful winds and water knock out the electricity, rendering electrically powered sump pumps totally ineffectual. In a few hours, basement flooding can do thousands of dollars of damage. In this scenario, a backup sump pump is essential. Backup pumps are either battery powered or water powered. Even the best battery pumps can only pump for a limited number of hours after electricity cut off, whereas water powered pumps will keep removing water from the basement as long as the water supply is intact. You can purchase your backup pump separately or in combination with the main pump. Ask one of our plumbers about the best options for your home. 1st Choice Plumbing is the place to go for informed sump pump help in the Baltimore area

Battery Operated Backup Sump Pumps

There are two types of battery operated backup pumps and you ask our plumber, which type is best for you.

Type 1 Battery Backup Pump

The first and oldest system is the battery powered backup sump pump. This device is installed in the sump pit next to the main pump. It’s powered by a continually recharging battery. It starts to pump when water rises above the main pump trigger line. Whenever the main pump fails, basement water rises until it triggers the backup system. If the home’s electricity is working, the backup pump will recharge as it works and pump indefinitely. If the home’s electrical power is knocked out, the backup pump will work for a number of hours and pump out as much as 10,000 gallons of water.

Type 2 Battery Backup Pump

This newer type of backup systems uses a rechargeable battery that connects to the main pump and begins powering it when the electricity has shut down. This system installs rapidly, and can be placed at a distance from the pit. The downside is that is only provides backup when there’s an electrical failure. If the pump has failed for another reason, this system won’t help.

Sump pumps have a limited lifespan. To make sure they will perform adequately when the next flood comes, you must check them periodically. An easy test you can do is pouring five gallons of water into your sump pit. If the pump triggers on and keeps working until the water is gone then you know your pump is in working order. For a more complete inspection, call us. 1st Choice Plumbing Inc. offers one free plumbing inspection a year. Read about the 12 causes of sump pump failure and you will appreciate why it makes sense to get an annual sump pump inspection.

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