Toilet Unclogging and Repair

Baltimore Toilet Unclogging and Repair

Have a clogged toilet in the Baltimore area? Call 1st Choice Plumbing of Baltimore, we are toilet repair experts, backed up by years of experience. We repair clogged toilets, leaky toilets, and install new top of the line low flow toilets. Whatever your toilet needs, give us a call at 410-967-6547 and we can help you out.

Toilet Unclogging Baltimore by 1st Choice Plumbing Inc.

Unclogging Toilets

  • Snaking Toilet Drains
  • Video Inspection of Toilet Drains

Toilet Repair Baltimore by 1st Choice Plumbing Inc.

Repairing Leaky Toilets

  • Repairing Leaky Toilet Tanks
  • Repairing Leaky Toilet Bases

Toilet Flush Mechanism Failure

Toilet Part Repair or Replacement

  • Fill Valve (Ballcock Valve)
  • Tapered Rubber Float Ball
  • Flapper Valve (Flapper Ball)
  • Wobbly Toilet Base Repair

  • Wax Seal Replacement
  • Toilet Flange Replacement

Total Toilet Replacement

Our staff can help you select and install the toilet that’s just right for you and your home. Whether you need a low flow toilet, stylish toilet, toilet that fits the dimensions of your bathroom, we can help! Call 410-967-6547 today.

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