Unclog Sewer

How To Unclog Sewers

Common Causes of Clogged Sewers

All the objects that can clog residential drains may also contribute to clogs in sewers, these include, grease, food stuffs, paper products including wipes, hair and soap scum, and unnatural objects flushed down the toilet. Additional causes of sewer clogs include intrusive roots and leaves.

Common Clogged Sewer Scenario

A common scenario for sewer clog formation is an initial blockage caused by root intrusion or a large object flushed into the drain or left in the tube by construction workers, which goes on to cause secondary clogging by trapping all the items that block up inside drains. Breakdown of the walls of the sewer can also cause clogging, but usually requires total sewer replacement.

How We Unclog Sewers

  1. If we suspect the sewer is clogged up we will begin with a “cleanout inspection. The cleanout sits at the border of the private sewer line and the city line. If it’s full of water, it tells us the blockage is on city property and not the responsibility of the homeowner. If the cleanout is empty, the blockage is on privately owned property and has to be repaired at the expense of the homeowner
  2. We next video inspect the blockage.
  3. We cut through any mechanical obstruction with an electric auger fitted with a tiny drill head. The ,mechanical auger effectively cuts through roots and other debris in the sewer line.
  4. If needed we provide water jetter treatment (powerful jets of water that can cut through almost any debris and wash it down the sewer drain at the same time).
  5. If most of the blockage can be cleaned by these maneuvers, and if it was root related, we encourage our clients to do periodic applications of root poison via their downstairs bathroom toilet.

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