Water Heater Installation Baltimore

Baltimore Water Heater Installation

Types of Water Heaters

Tankless Versus Tank Heaters

Fuel Source: Electric, Gas, Propane, Oil, Solar, Geothermal

Combination Heaters

  Indirect Water Heaters

Water Heater Installation Considerations

When deciding on your next water heater consider the following questions:

  • How important is conserving space? If conserving space is important consider a combi-boiler, which combines the function of a water heater and boiler into one, or consider a tankless water heater which does away with a large storage tank, such as is used by traditional water heaters
  • What type of fuel is most convenient to you? Among the three main choices, oil, gas, and electricity, consider local prices, local availability, and the need and cost for running gas lines, oil lines or electrical lines into your home.
  • How large is your home? Large homes frequently need a lot of hot water rapidly. Oil heats up water very quickly and is therefore a logical fuel choice. Many tankless water heaters have a limited output of hot water and so are not adequate for large homes. This isn’t necessarily the case, but you must check with your plumber about water heater specifications. Small homes need less immediate hot water and are better adapted to on demand water heaters such as tankless heaters and combi-boilers. There are exceptions so check with your plumber.
  • How important is energy efficiency to you? Energy efficiency means energy savings for you and a savings for the environment. There are many energy efficient units that use all types of fuel, and you should check their energy efficiency ratings. Geothermal water heaters and solar water heaters are the most environmentally friendly types of heaters.
  • Other considerations
      The cost of installation
      The life time warranty
      Plumber recommendation

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